To Do

I’m love making lists. Like, OCD-love it, but I think I’m the only one who can understand what they mean sometimes. Here are a few of my goals for this year.


  • run a 5:00 marathon (registered for the Flying Pig in May!)
  • move out of my parents’ house
  • pay off my student loans
  • leave the country
  • figure out how to budget appropriately
  • earn my teaching certification in English and TESOL
  • apply to grad school
  • get accepted to grad school (2015, maybe?)
  • learn to say “no” and not run myself ragged trying to do everything
  • figure out what’s important work-wise/develop a career plan
  • take more photos
  • learn how to operate more sophisticated software than Instagram
  • successfully maintain a blog
  • submit stories to writing competitions
  • go to an open mic night and read
  • read every day
  • declutter…and stay decluttered


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